The society is a registered charity organisation for more than 30 years .. it was initiated by late Dr Shri Anil Desai and his wife Mrs Usha Desai , with only objective to provide best possible help and assistance to the Muscular dystrophy patients .

President of the Neurology society of Maharashtra Dr Satish Khadilkar is the current secretary of the society and has been associated for more than 2 decades.

M.D. Society sole primary objective is to work collectively towards providing information on treatments for children irrespective of what caste ,creed and different levels of society or state of India they belong to . is the website of an organisation founded in India, which aims to encourage and collate research into the treatment of this disease; to gather information and create a database of facts and resources to aid sufferers.

The committee members consist of team of young parents who are actively involved with various researchers around the world who have been working very scientifically with different lines of approaches to provide treatments for this devastating genetic disease which is labelled as orphan by most of the countries FDAs.

The Committee Members of M.D. Society were also invited by Dr Satish Khadilkar to Shirdi in an annual conference of the neurologists in mid May 2012 to give presentation to the medical community about need for developing a registry of the muscular dystrophy patients , which is a first step of the ladder to achieve prime goal and objective .

Currently the only standardized treatments and care that is prescribed to Duchenne , Becker and other forms of muscular dystrophy children is physiotherapy , swimming and steroids ( which of course have lot of side effects in long run ) . 





Dr Usha Desai


Mr Bharat Shah


Dr Satish Khadilkar (Chief Neurologist, Sir JJ Group of Hospital)

Committee Members:

Mr Anand Shah
Mr Ambrish Kapadia
Mr Rajesh Raythatha


Ms Bharti Chabria


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